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  Television commercials bombard us with claims of cheap hotels, low airfares, and almost free car rentals. But who do you think pays for all those expensive TV ads with the cute little characters and larger-than-life celebrities? Do you really think the big boys can offer you the lowest rates when they're using similar databases and hotel networks as the little guys? The hotels in New York don't care where the customers come from as long as their credit cards are good and the booking agent is trustworthy. Simply put, hotels are willing to charge less for excess rooms if someone else is handling the details. So don't be dazzled by TV commercials when choosing an online booking agent, especially if your main goal is to save money.  
  I like to save a buck on discount hotels and car rentals as much as the next guy, but I also require good service from a web site. You know, like instant confirmation, secure web transactions, easy cancellations, and twenty-four-hour telephone service with a live agent if I have a question. A lot of web sites will find you cheap hotels in London, but how many will find you low-cost lodging in the Middle East or the Pacific Rim ? What one web site is as comfortable with hotels in Cairo , Egypt as Cairo , Georgia ?  
  The only one I know about is It's a UK web site, but their reach is global, offering the absolute best prices on hotels and car rentals, plus service that is unmatched by any booking agent. They have special guides to hotels in Las Vegas and other popular destinations, so give them a click at  
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